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Join a team driven by saving energy and the planet

Zero Energy is the 193rd fastest growing company by the Inc. 500, the #1 Energy company in Southern California the past 5 years, and is ranked top 5 in the U.S. You can become a part of this revolutionary green energy movement by joining the Zero Energy Team today!. Together we can build a brighter future, not just for your career, but for the entire planet.


5 reasons to work for Zero Energy

#1 – Fantastic growth opportunities

#2 – Great team. Great people

#3 – Ground-floor admission to the green energy sector

#4 – Health and dental benefits for full-time employees

#5 – Make a difference in the world!

Energy is everything.

The energy industry constantly changing. And while energy production methods may become more efficient, more diverse, or less expensive, the need for energy is never going away. The world needs power, more now than ever, and Zero Energy is looking for team members to help find renewable solutions to this evergreen problem.

By joining Zero, you will have the unique opportunity of getting into the green energy sector at the ground floor. As the future of energy evolves, so will your opportunities for growth in this booming industry. As an ambassador for one of the world’s most essential commodities, you will enjoy the security of a lasting career in a world of economic uncertainty.

Make going green your career.

Whether you’re a die-hard environmentalist, ecologically conscious, or even just interested in reducing waste, Zero is the perfect place to combine your passion with your career. Zero Energy is on the forefront of finding long-term solutions for some of the earth’s most troubling environmental issues.

For every home that we upgrade, we eliminate the equivalent of 58 tons of carbon. That’s enough to take 8 cars off the road for 25 years!

By making a career at Zero, you can head to work each morning knowing that you are making a real and lasting difference in the world. You can return home at night with a clean conscience, knowing that you did something to help the planet that day.

Learn skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.

There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and choose a job that will teach you valuable skills. At Zero Energy, we earnestly believe that people are our greatest asset and we invest heavily in making sure our employees are the best they can possibly be.

All Zero employees benefit from extensive trainings and seminars for on-the-job skills and self-improvement. You will learn everything from how the home energy industry works, to powerful interpersonal communication skills taught by expert instructors.

Our goal is that by the time our employees leave Zero, they will be equipped with the skills they need to continue making a difference in the environment, and in the world.

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