Why choose Zero Energy Contracting

Zero isn’t just a solar company: it’s a movement. We are committed to reducing energy output, eliminating waste, and helping you save money.

We don’t sell products. We save energy.

Zero Energy Contracting is more than a solar company. You won’t find “solar” in our name because solar energy is not our end goal. ZERO is what we hope to achieve.

Our goals is to help make your home a Zero Home, which means zero energy inefficiency. We’re not trying to replace consumption with more efficient consumption. We’re trying to reduce consumption all together!

Other solar companies will try to sell you dozens of solar panels to offset the costs of energy efficiency and save you some money on your utility bills. But they aren’t actually saving any energy, they’re just producing more.

Imagine your home is a pail of water with a hole in it. Sure you can pour more water into the top of the bucket to keep it full, but water will still be wasted through the leak.

Our approach is a little different.

First of all, we offer a FREE Home Energy Audit (a service that other companies charge for) to identify where in your home energy is being wasted. We fix those problems first and then add only the number of solar panels your home needs to run at full efficiency.

For us, it’s not about the ticket price. It’s about eliminating waste and creating truly renewable energy.

We care about your safety


Our commitment goes beyond just helping you save money on your energy bills. Zero Energy Contracting is the only major solar company that performs a comprehensive safety inspection.

Many homes in California contain harmful substances like asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold. We find some form a gas leak in 95% of the homes that we audit.

What’s worse, these substances may be affecting you without your knowing. They can be difficult to detect and are found in remote places such as your attic and ducting.

Let Zero Energy Contracting perform a FREE Home Energy Audit on your home, and we’ll help you eradicate any threat to the safety of your home.

We’re people persons

Zero Energy began rather simply: a few guys knocking on doors trying to find out what exactly Californians are looking for in a solar company.

From that time, our penchant for listening to our customers has not changed. We make outstanding customer service our number one priority.

That’s why all of our representatives undergo extensive training on verbal, nonverbal, and meta-verbal communication. Everyone from our sales representatives to our auditors are highly knowledgeable and are prepared to answer any questions you may have.

People say that we are a pleasure to work with. We make our customers GLAD they met us.

Invest in your future

Ask yourself this: How many years until I pay off my utility bill? How long until I never have to send off another check in the mail?

The answer? Probably never.

It’s like renting an apartment versus buying a home. When you pay rent, you send money away every month and never come closer to owning anything; but when you buy a home, every mortgage check you write converts into equity. It’s ownership. It’s value.

The same goes for making an energy upgrade to your home. The value of your home will increase and your monthly expenses will decrease! It has a high return on investment.

Other companies that provide solar services lease their solar panels. This means that they can reduce your energy bill, but they add no value to your home. You will always have an obligation to pay for their services.

By choosing Zero Energy Contracting, you will both save money in the short term and ensure a future of energy self-reliance.

Together we can help you save money by building a safer, more comfortable home for a greener, more sustainable world.