For some people, solar panel cost may be a hurdle in upgrading their home and going green. But you don’t need to worry about that!

Zero Energy has partnered with Energy Upgrade California to save you money on your home efficiency upgrade.

What is Energy Upgrade California?

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide government program with the goal of conserving energy for a greener world by helping Californians reduce their home energy consumption.

The program educates and informs Californians about making wise energy choices, but it also helps by sharing some of the costs of your home upgrade

When you choose to make certain upgrades to your home, Energy Upgrade California will connect you with various rebates and incentives that can reduce your solar panel cost significantly.

Eligible upgrades include Zero Energy’s Whole House Fan, AC & furnace, insulation, windows, doors & weather stripping, and of course solar panels.

There are hundreds of different upgrades available, including a solar tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of your solar panel cost from the Federal Government.
Don’t stress about solar panel cost! Let Energy Upgrade California offset your expenses by hooking you up with a solar tax credit and other great incentives rebates!

How do I qualify for a Solar Tax Credit?


When you sign up for a FREE Home Energy Audit from Zero Energy, you will also receive a home energy savings report that will detail all the ways an energy upgrade will save you money and create positive cash flow.

As a part of this report, we will show you how to get your solar tax credit and walk you through all the incentives and rebates you can receive through Energy Upgrade California.

That’s the best part. You can leave it all to us.

We will work specifically with your home and create a tailor-made plan to save you as much money as possible. Our goal is to change the world one Home Energy Assessment at a time and a part of that goal is minimizing your solar panel cost.

Your home is your castle. High upfront costs should never be a barrier to making your home a greener, more affordable, more comfortable place to live.

As Energy Upgrade California’s number one performer for the last 5 years, Zero Energy is committed to making solar energy accessible to everyone.

Don’t wait! Schedule your Home Energy Assessment today and learn how to qualify for a government solar tax credit!

Together we can help you save money by building a safer, more comfortable home for a greener, more sustainable world.