We’ll help you save money in two ways: cutting down your utility bill through energy upgrades, and minimizing your Solar Panel cost through rebates and financing.

Save money on energy costs

Green energy is more efficient and less expensive in the long run, but some homeowners are put off by high upfront solar panel cost.

The truth is, by upgrading to a renewable energy source, you can save thousands of dollars a year on your energy bill. For some homeowners, these savings are enough to completely offset their solar panel cost. In other words, a $0 net cost to you!

At Zero Energy Contracting, we don’t just reduce your energy bill by slapping solar panels on your roof. Our main focus is waste reduction. This means that we give your home a comprehensive Home Energy Audit to find all of the ways that you can save energy and save money!

Your solar panel cost is just a part of the equation! You might be losing energy through leaky ducts, insufficient insulation, or improperly sealed doors and windows. Our approach is to conserve as much energy as possible and keep more money in your pocket.

How do I qualify for a Solar Tax Credit?


We realize that the cost of solar panels may seem out of reach. That’s why Zero Energy Contracting has partnered with The HERO Program and Energy Upgrade California to bring you your home solar upgrade at the lowest possible cost.

The HERO Program is a means of solar financing that allows you to make your upgrade for $0 down. Approval for this program is based on the value of your home, and payments can be made as a line item on your property taxes. HERO makes buying solar panels simple and cost effective.

Energy Upgrade California is a government program that can greatly reduce your solar panel  cost. The program offers rebates and incentives for Californians who make energy upgrades to their homes.

You can save money, not just on your solar panel cost, but on all kinds of energy upgrade services, including ducting repair, new energy efficient appliances, new windows, and more!

You don’t have to break the bank to make energy upgrades to your home! Find out how much you can save on your solar panel cost by scheduling a FREE Home Energy Audit today.

Together we can help you save money by building a safer, more comfortable home for a greener, more sustainable world.