Your home needs the simplest and quietest whole-house cooling fan on the market.

• Enjoy your home more by creating enjoyable cross breezes.
• Save money by slashing 50-90% off your energy bill each month.
• Save the planet by using less energy.

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= More $ in your pocket

Thanks to our partnerships with The HERO Program and Energy Upgrade California, our clients have the opportunity to install home energy efficiency upgrades for no money down and in some cases have an immediate positive cash flow!

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Did you know?

Did you know that there are two government programs available in your community that can help you start saving money now with Solar Panels, High Efficiency Air Conditioning, Insulation, Weather Sealing and other conservation upgrades?

All of this is possible with $0 upfront and potential for additional rebates through Energy Upgrade California that can exceed $8,000 per year in rebates.

What upgrades qualify for Energy Upgrade California incentives and financing through The HERO Program?

Upgrading Insulation and Weather Sealing
(to certified Building Performance Institute Standards could reduce your energy usage 20-30%.)

New Heating and Air Conditioning
(Energy Star rated could save you 15-30%.)

Solar Panel systems
Small can reduce your utility bill and if sized correctly payback in 5 years or less.

Energy Star Certified Windows
Switching to can save you 15 to 30%.

Energy Efficient Cool Roof
Can save you 10-50% of your cooling cost.

A Whole House fan
Can save you money the day it’s install since in most weather it’s as effective as air conditioning at less than 50% of the cost.

Safe and asbestos & toxic gas free home
We addressed this with any work contracted.

*Based on the US Dept of Energy and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

What is Energy Upgrade California?

We create a custom home energy efficiency plan that details upgrades we can make in all areas of your home to use less energy, save money on your utility bills, have a more energy efficient home and save the environment.

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide program that offers incentives and government rebates to make these exact type of upgrades to your home.

As a part of your implementation plan, we detail exactly which programs, rebates and incentives you qualify for.

Don’t miss out on qualifying for your upgrades!

  • These incentives can help pay for a large portion of your upgrades
  • The incentives cover a LOT of upgrades including, Whole House Fan, AC & Furnace, Insulation, Windows, Doors & Weather Stripping, Solar Panels
  • Don’t pay for these upgrades out of pocket! With your detailed energy efficiency plan and your qualified rebates, we can help you secure HERO financing to finance the upgrades.

What is The HERO Program?

We have partnered with The HERO Program to bring you the easiest and most simple energy upgrade financing program that exists. The HERO Program offers a unique, affordable financing option for home upgrades that are energy efficient, increased comfort and energy savings.

HERO is an acronym that stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity.

How does The HERO Program work?


HERO is a “Property Assessed Clean Energy” (PACE) program that is financed as an assessment on your property. This means that approval for HERO is primarily based on equity in your home and your debt payment history – not on your personal credit score.

Best of all, you can still sell your home and The HERO Program will transfer to the new owner. Plus, homes that have completed Energy Efficient upgrades can attract a better quality buyer and a higher selling price.

How do I get started?

To make sure our customers can capitalize on the Energy Upgrade California incentives and qualify for financing through The HERO  Program, for a limited time we are offering the initial assessment on your home for free.

This means at no cost to you!

Our goal is to audit as many homes as we can in the state of California. So far we have done over 50,000.

This audit is a COMPREHENSIVE check-up on your entire home including your roof, HVAC, Appliances, Windows, Ducting, Insulation, Lighting and Door seals. We also provide a “pressure test” to see where in your home you are losing air.

After our auditor has reviewed your home, we provide an Energy Savings Plan that includes the results of the audit, which rebates and financing programs your home qualifies for and a plan to make upgrades to improve efficiency, safety and comfort in your home.

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With over 50,000 Home Energy Audits and 5000+ upgrades completed, Zero Energy is THE trusted home energy advisor in Southern California. Our team of licensed contractors complete upgrades for ALL relevant categories to help your home get energy fit.


We will meet or beat any comparable quote for similar upgrades. You can feel confident in knowing that we care about your home as much as you do.

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The first step in turning your home into a lean, green machine is to schedule a home energy audit. Fill out your details and schedule your appointment with one of our energy advisors.


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