A Whole House Fan or Attic Fan can help you keep cool and sharply reduce the cost of your A/C.

Whole House Fan

Whole House Fans are the fastest growing method of keeping your house cool without relying on expensive air conditioning. Also called Attic Fans, Whole House Fans utilize the principles of airflow and convection to cool your home more efficiently.

Energy consumption tends to rise by over 30% during the summer months. A Whole House Fan has the potential to cut your summer energy bill dramatically while keeping you just as cool. As an added bonus, you’ll be doing the earth a favor by reducing your personal energy consumption.

How it works


The air in a typical house is stagnant, stale, and of considerably lower quality than outside air. Whole House Fans get the air in your home moving to keep it fresh, clean, and cool.

Whole House Fans don’t take hot air and turn it into cool air the way A/C does. Instead they harness the cool air currents that already naturally exist in your home environment.

When you turn on your Whole House Fan and open the windows in your home, the fan will draw the hot, stale air from around your home and expel it through your attic. At the same time, it draws in cooler air from outside and creates a comfortable cross breeze.

Whole House Fans are especially effective in the cooler hours of the day: in the evening, during the night, and in the early morning. A Whole House Fan isn’t meant to replace your A/C outright, but to supplement it. Run your A/C during the hot hours of the day if there’s anyone at home. Then in the evening, when most people are getting home from work, cut the A/C and turn on the Whole House Fan.

You can reduce your A/C usage dramatically and save a fortune on your summer energy bill.

Whole House Fan Installation

Just as its name suggests, a Whole House Fan should keep your entire house at a cool, consistent temperature. Whole House Fan installation is simple and usually completed in less than a day.

We house the fan in your attic and integrate it with the rest of your ducting system to establish an even airflow throughout your home.

At Zero Energy Contracting, we use the QuietCool fan – which is the quietest, most efficient Whole House Fan on the market. When we install the fan, we suspend it in your attic with cables to reduce vibrations, thereby minimizing noise and maximizing efficiency.

By installing a Whole House Fan, you can expect to see many positive changes in your home. Rather than having a green house effect, your home can act like a shady canopy on a breezy day. Your air quality will improve and your home will feel fresher, cleaner, and greener.

The simplest and quietest whole house cooling fan on the market.

The QuietCool fan is an extremely efficient house attic fan that circulates the air through your home and sucks out the hot air. This drives down the cost of your Air Conditioning because your A/C unit can work half as hard to still keep your home at the same temperature.

The Quiet Cool fan is installed in your attic and is completely invisible.
It is whisper quiet and can increase the efficiency of your cooling system by 60-70%

Together we can help you save money by building a safer, more comfortable home for a greener, more sustainable world.